Getting The Best Bonus With Casino Affiliate Sites

People have been saying for years that the casino affiliate market has been far too over-saturated. If this were the case, then it begs the question over those marketeers expertise! Fact is that providing you have the skills, a good portfolio of well visited sites and a comprehensive understanding of SEO it’s still very possible to add a great extra revenue stream to your operation. That being said it can still be an absolute minefield, especially when trying to ensure that you are earning the best bonuses on offer. They change all the time, and working with the larger casino operations may not always generate the best value. Read on for more info and advice on the best way to get into being a casino affiliate.

RevShare, CPA Or Hybrid?

Let’s start with the million dollar question – which of these offers the best potential earnings? The only way to really gauge this is by considering the nature of the traffic to your sites. How likely are your visitors going to be to click on a casino ad, sign up and/or actually make a deposit? If you’re lucky enough to have a popular gambling themed site – especially one that offers tips or already markets bonuses – then you can’t really go wrong. On the other hand if not then RevShare is a more speculative choice, CPA pays a set fee, and hybrid lurks a little in the middle.

Hybrids have been increasingly popular recently but these can be tricky to actually negotiate good terms for. If you have the potential traffic then you will be in a good position to get get a decent offer, but it’ll require some work. Make many proposals and not just to the big names. Online casinos come and go all the time, but there’s still operations that have only been around for a couple of years who are now entering the big leagues – delivering amazing profits to those who directed traffic to them in the early days. the risk of course is that the casino may very well not ever become a big name!

Which Gambling Sector To Go For?

It depends how much work you’re willing to put in. The top global sites have pretty much nonnegotiable rates but offer comprehensive packages which are easily integrated onto your own. Content such as banners, promotional deals and so forth are all included – just be ready to accept that they’re the boss. Providing you’re happy with this arrangement then a straightforward RevShare or CPA is the way to go, most likely advertising casino gaming or sportbook sign up promotional deals.

The more speculative option is to look further afield. The South East Asian online gambling market is far more competitive than the west when it comes to site traffic. Plus many of the sites are theme or even game specific. Sure you’ll still find the all-in-one casino/sports betting sites, but there’s also specialists out there too.

If that kind of affiliation works for your own content, then it could well be a smart way to go. A good example would be if you have a site that is based upon competitive online gaming – associating now with the ever more popular E-Sports gambling sites (most of which are in SE Asia) can offer a potentially amazing reward down the line. It’s yet to really catch on over here in terms of gambling, but viewing figures as skyrocketing, tournaments are now being featured on mainstream media, and the young market will soon enough be those thinking about opening a gambling account.

Remember Your SEO & Existing Visitors!

This should be common knowledge but be careful how you integrate affiliates within your sites, especially with casinos services which may not be legal to use in your visitor’s home nation. How likely are they going to be to want to get into online gambling – it may even put them off from visiting your sites again! Given that gambling is ever more mainstream nowadays it shouldn’t be a massive issue – but still something to be aware of.

Use Comparison Services Carefully!

On a last note there’s hundreds if not thousands of comparison sites out there. How do you think they make money? That’s right, they’re all affiliates themselves! So take all of their rankings with a very hefty pinch of salt. It’s much better to check out the mid-tier casino sites in regards to their site traffic, take the time to have a look around them and see if they’re showing signs of steady improvement and constant care. Bonuses are absolutely essential and much more important than name recognition nowadays. Just take how many EPL clubs now have previously unheard of Asian gambling sites on the front of their shirts. It’s a global market and sites can appear from nowhere – so do your research beforehand!

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