Twin Saga Launches Commercial Version

Twin Saga Launches Commercial Version

One world, two sisters, and a fate undecided: following last year’s highly successful open beta phase, Twin Saga, the anime MMO published by the gamigo subsidiary Aeria Games, is as of now available in the official commercial version. To celebrate the launch, players will be greeted with a lot of new content and brilliant extras to discover.

Apart from a visual re-branding and a stronger focus on the captivating background story about the twin goddesses Marisa and Amaris, the game from developer X-Legend Entertainment (Grand Fantasia/Aura Kingdom) presents a considerable number of cool new features.

The most important innovation is the addition of a completely new class to the game: now players will be able to wander the fantastic worlds of Aetherion as a Monk. All players will have the opportunity to develop their characters even further in the two exclusive maps “Sanctopolis: Prismatica” and “Sanctopolis: Constellacia” and in additional dungeons and quests. Along with these changes, the level cap will be raised from 65 to 70 and “Lenna”, a completely new Senshi, will find its way into the colorful free-to-play anime game. Furthermore, the newly implemented couple system will allow players to form even closer bonds – and to take on countless future adventures as a happy loving couple.

While exploring the worlds of Twin Saga, players can freely change their character classes at any time and adjust their skills strategically to their current situation. They will also be able to roam the beautiful landscapes in their “Terracottage”, a mobile home that even allows players to invite their friends. The game’s established features along with the comprehensive content update that accompanies the commercial launch make for a brilliant package that guarantees endless fun and adventures for both newcomers and seasoned players of anime MMOs.


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