Victorian Steampunk RPG Steam Hammer Gets Early Access

Victorian Steampunk RPG Steam Hammer Gets Early Access

Big Way Games is proud to announce Beta Access is now available for Steam Hammer, its hardcore sandbox-style RPG set in a dark and mysterious steampunk world.

An ambitious title also featuring survival elements, Steam Hammer is the product of two years of development time and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

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Key features of Steam Hammer include:

• Open Class System – combine or switch skills between engineer, scientist, farmer, gunsmith, stormtrooper, sharpshooter and many more

• Victorian Steampunk Setting – wondrous mechanisms, machinery, weapons, armor and clothing all await

• Forge Weapons and Armor, Build Houses, Factories and Towers – use what you find to craft over 40 types of weapons and armor, or over 30 types of building and fortifications

• Action-Combat System – battle enemies without the aid of a targeting system, relying on skill to emerge the victor

• Fight on Land and in the Air – engage your foes, be they wild animals or other players, on the ground, or grab your steam jetpack and take to the skies to hijack an airship

• …Or Build Your Own – create your own fleet of customized airships and show your rivals who’s boss, assaulting otherwise impregnable fortresses from above

• Terraform the World – construct mines, tunnels, ditches, mounds – whatever you need to survive

The game begins by creating your character using extensive customization options and deciding upon appearance, crafting abilities and combat skills. From there, players venture into a world free from rules and restrictions, with no pre-defined roles and imposed goals.

This is the world you want it to be.


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